About DMT

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About DMT

Welcome to our audio visual sound meditation project.

DMT fuses sound science, sound therapy and complex sound design to create a brand new relaxation and meditation experience.

Using 6 elements of sound production, it is this unique combination that will help you feel calm, more relaxed and focused. The six tracks have their own special use, we encourage you to use the track that best suits your needs.

Listen to the music. Watch the films. Share the experience.


Brainwave Entrainment – synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain using rhythmic sound pulses (Binaural Beats).

Pythagorean Tuning – mathematical tuning using the “pure perfect fifth” based on sacred geometry.

Bio-rhythmic Tempo – 60 beats per minute tempo synchronises with the resting human heart rate.

Intricate Sound Design – using 11 years of music production experience Jules creates complex soundscapes to take you on a multi-layered audio journey.

Traditional Sound Healing – modern sound design combined with ancient sound healing instruments e.g. Tibetan Bowls, Therapy mono chord & Indian Tanpura.

Bio-sampling – the music incorporates organic sounds recorded in England and Spain.

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