Super sonic soundscape powered by Funktion One, alongside an immersive, cinematic installation featuring aerial films by drone....

Last October we staged our cinematic installation soundscape event as part of Brighton Digital Festival, here on the south coast . This was a free audio visual event presented at the beautiful Brighton Unitarian Church, a sacred space in the heart of Brighton. Our aim was to explore new ways of seeing and hearing… and share the space where art and science meet. We presented our DMT album Digital Music Therapy with five new films, shot on location in Sussex, featuring aerial cinematography by drone. Mixing cutting edge sound science featuring brainwave entrainment, pythagorean tuning, biorhythms, and traditional sound healing. A unique combination of light, colour, motion and sound.

Many thanks to our partners and sponsors – Funktion One, LM Productions, Love VFX, Endwell Productions.

To have the mind free from verbal thinking, sound is extremely useful, it has a very powerful effect on us…

Alan Watts

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