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Romania Tour 2023 with Nico de Transilvania

Abstract Source has been working with Nico on her 'Interbeing' multimedia project since early 2022, culminating in a breathtaking live show in Transilvania.

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Call of the jaguar

Call of the Jaguar – May 13th – Hastings – Live 2023

The Sound Apothecary and Abstract Source present - An Immersive Sound Journey. May 13th. The Observer Building.

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Sound Design for Flowrebels – Wellbeing & Neurofeedback Community

Through biofeedback, neurofeedback, and psychophysical instrumentation, FlowRebels process information faster. They are less impulsive, less stressed, and better at...

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Music for MEYA Meditation App

'Fans of electronic music know the genre has an ability to trigger states of deep presence, elevation, and connectedness, similar to those achieved...

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